April 12, 2012

My reading week in Spain

I managed to get my reading “fix” while in Spain for Semana de Santa/ holiday.

I read some really interesting stuff that was thought provoking and in some cases completely mind changing.

The book list:

Whatever you want – Derek Sivers

Derek’s very real and humble experience of creating a company, being himself, learning and trying.

To have or to be – Erich Fromm

The great philosopher discusses: society change, being rather than owning (including love) and suggests a real positive future that is much healthier than now (released in 1973!).

Do the work – Steven Pressfield

Facing the resistance and getting the work done! Aimed a little more at writers but can easily be applied to most experiences.

Read this before our next meeting – Al Pittampalli

Our time is precious so stop filling it with  “social meetings” to make you feel better.

The Dip – Seth Godin

Seth takes you through “Strategic quitting”, basically knowing when to quit, or when to dig in and make things awesome!

Graceful – Seth Godin

Another Seth where he suggests 30 ways your input can change things by making, caring, giving gifts and making real connections through your art.

They were all powerful books in their own ways but rather than writing in detail about each book, I picked up some common themes that emerged across them all. So what I will do is spend some time over the coming weeks writing about the connections (or at least the strongest one I seen coming out). Once that’s done I’ll post.


But just so you know:

The book that was “Mind changing”:

To have or to be – Erich Fromm

The book I enjoyed because it looked at being something in a very human and different way (what can I say, it touched me):

Whatever you want – Derek Sivers

The book that should be read by people who are bored to death of meeting after meeting:

Read this before our next meeting – Al Pittampalli